Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Role of Directorate of Students’ Affairs in Achievement of SDGs

SDG-4.3.2 Quality Education (Public Events)-Lifelong Learning

The Directorate of Students’ Affairs is playing its vital role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the University through its different functioning domains. For the achievement of SDG-4.3.2  i.e Quality Education (Public Events)- Lifelong Learning, following events have been organized by the Directorate by involving students and general public: –

Sr. No. Activity Description Evidence
1. Breast Cancer Awareness Walk 2023 Click here
2. Seminar on “Water the Aorta of Life” Under GYM Club Movement Click here
4. Youm-e-Tasees 24 October, 2022 Click here
5. President AJ&K / Chancellor MUST Graced Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings-2022 Celebration and Award Distribution Ceremony Click here
6. Mirpur University holds Pegham -e- Pakistan (PeP) National Conference 2022 Click here
7. The Place Of Kashmir Issue In a Post Russian Aggression Against UKRAINE Era Click here
8. “Pakistan Day” 23rd March, 2022 Click here
8. Death anniversary of Eminent Kashmiri leader and former President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir “K.H. Khurshid” on 11th March, 2022 Click here
10. Grand Finale of HULT Prize MUST Click here
11. Spring Tree Plantation Drive 2022 Click here
12. Kashmir Solidarity Day on 5th February 2022 Click here
13. 5th January 2022 Youm e Haq e Khud Iradiat (Right of Self Determination) Click here

SDG-5.3.1 Gender Equality- Tracking Access Measures

The Directorate of Students’ Affairs is ensuring that quality education is available to the youth of the country without having any gender discrimination in accordance with the SDG-5.3.1 Gender Equality. Hence with the coordination of admission committees a mechanism has been designed to measure and track women’s application and admission rate in the university.