We believe education is not influx of information, but more about imparting values and ideals that make our students’ personality complete. Backed with experience in education and knowing the real meaning of education, we are striving to make individuals one can feel proud of without instilling the spirit of tolerance, compassion, and commitment we can not prepare our students for future, which is bound to be tumultuous. Dogmatism is deadly enemy of education which must meet the challenges of the 21st century. The Directorate of Students Affairs has chalked out a comprehensive strategy to utilize the potential of youth. This step would provide the younger generation with opportunities to express their talents and abilities, creating a healthy environment which would promote the culture of tolerance and moderation. Youth would be encouraged to come forward and play their role in nation building and progress of the country. Youth is the most important section of a society. The main objective is to eliminate the sense of deprivation and hopelessness among our youth. The Directorate is striving hard to involve the youth in healthy activities like different game competitions, festivals, rallies, and creative programs within the University. To discuss the students’ related problems and propose their solutions, a student council has been established in the Directorate, to provide a forum to the students for mutual discussion. The students’ council comprises the first position holder students from different disciplines and officials of the Directorate of Students Affairs. The list of the approved societies is as under;

Campus Societies

Departmental Societies