The Directorate is headed by Director Students Affairs (DSA). The Directorate facilitates the students in various services including admissions, welfare, sports, health care, career counseling, guidance, scholarships, financial assistance, and hostel accommodation. The office is located in City Campus and it is the first point of contact for prospective as well as admitted students for most of their general queries during their academic life. This office functions as a facilitator and guide to the students. The Directorate provides all necessary arrangements starting from first admission inquiry to the last day at the Campus. The Staff of the directorate is well equipped to help students through effective guidance and counseling. The representing counters/rooms are being established here to facilitate the students to address their queries and concerns.

It provides students different opportunities to take part in sports/games. It also provides them different platforms for the development of their literary and artistic potentialities. The purpose of all such activities is to provide students a conducive environment during their academic years in the university. The Directorate also attempts to resolve different problems, issues and conflicts among the students. Different societies/clubs work under the umbrella of the Directorate. The Directorate supervises different societies. Each society comprises of at least one senior faculty member as advisor. The rest of the members are taken from students.

Career Counselling:

A Career Counselling Centre has been established for guidance to the students to help them in career selection. The Centre is open to all students including those who wish to change or leave their courses and graduates especially first year.

Counselling service helps students acquire personal skills, self-knowledge and psychological resources which will enhance their university learning in terms of developing their full potential as students and emotionally healthy members of the community.

This is achieved through counselling students individually or in groups;

by contributing to the University environment through consultation and training;

by studying the environment and recommending changes based on research data and judgment.

Counselling service is also helps in career planning and career opportunity.

Guardian Council:

MUST is an organization which is not only teaching and tutoring students but also reshaping their minds to become sophisticated and responsible representatives of our society. We believe that work and integrity are not to be compromised. We ourselves determine our level of excellence. A guardian council in each department has been established to have complete information about following attributes of the students:

  • Economic Situation
  • Health Factor
  • Psychological Problems
  • Studies Report
  • Interaction with other students
  • Participation in Class
  • Habits
  • Life Style
Enterprise and Industry Links:

The University is well known for its strong links with business and we are keen to build up this to encourage enterprise culture among students and teaching staff. Internship has been made compulsory for all students studying at the University at all levels.

Co-curricular Activities:

Co-curricular activities play very important role in grooming personality of the students, enhancing their communicational skills and increasing their confidence. Student’s Affairs organizes these activities throughout the academic year.


The Directorate of Student’s Affairs provides help in all possible ways in promoting talent and developing the personality of the students. It organizes seminars, symposia, debates and provides an appropriate forum to the students to freely express and share their views, perceptions, and experiences. It also organizes educational tours to give wide exposure on educational and development programmes of the state / country. Students’ career counselling Centre has been established, which provides guidance in all matters from admission to job placement at the end of their study programmes. The University has maintained a fund for the welfare of the students. The tuition fee of those students whose father/guardian die during their course of study will be waived off.